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Re: Brakes

In a message dated 96-07-25 07:29:16 EDT, you write:

<< Hi,
 I mounted my noo tars yesterday. (They look good, Graydon.)  While the
 wheels were off I saw some definite problems with the rears brakes.  No
 close examination was necessary - it was ***obvious***.  The rear pads
 virtually don't touch the rotors.  I suspect badly stuck calipers.  BTW, the
 front brakes look good.
 Calling upon your collective expertise, what tests do I do to check the
 calipers?  It looks quite obvious that, as a minimum, I'm going to need new
 rotors.  Surprisingly (maybe it's not a surprise) the pads look just fine.
 Any suggestions for possible low-cost upgrades if I need to replace
First, does the e-brake work?  You may have a stuck cable and/or a stuck
ebrake cam on the caliper....  Me, I would get the guys rebuilt....  The
biggest prollum I have found with the audi stuff, is that they use a lot of
black paint on/in places that brake fluid flows, and without very regular
brake bleeds, this s**t can get onto parts that are supposed to move, then
don't....  I know the exchange for rebuilds are cheap...  The good aggressive
exchange would be to get the 38mm piston rears for your 36mm cores....  Next
step would be to get the vented wagon application....  Beyond that, it's just
a wallet away....