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Penstosin leak ,was re: Coupe AC

On thusday 25 July, Dorab said:

>BTW Peter Schultz said that he had a problem with some parts wearing when
>they rubbed against each other...Peter, did that involve the a/c system??

Actually, it involved the hydraulic "cooler" which is nothing more than
a corrugated piece of aluminum tubing, coonecting the pentosin resevoir
to the hydraulic pump.  Did I mention an AUDI piece of tubing...>$100 
from Linda @ Carlson.


Anyway, the tubing was rubbing against the main radiator, and eventually
it wore though, causing a continous, albeit small pentosin leak.  After
replacing said "cooler" I was cautious with the routing, and also put 
some foam between the "cooler" and the front of the radiator.

This Coupe AC problem hasn't affected me yet. (whoops). But I did have to
recharge this year because the air only got down to 60 F...

I would suspect the condensor, if the AC system is operating.  Afterall 
it gets alot of abuse being in front of the radiator...

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro