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Re: Ned's mod for '91 200Q 20V turbo

On Thu, 25 Jul 1996 JEFDO@aol.com wrote:

> With the IA3 and flat K&N filter, yesterday, at 6AM on the "Bolton Flats"  I
> think I shifted from 4th at 6300 and ~115MPH and got to 140MPH before the end
> of the flats had me slow back down. (honest, no traffic, no moose!) I
> certainly wasn't at more than ~5300RPM, but I had my attention DOWN THE ROAD
> thankyou, so can't exactly say. I don't think there's any more left, unless I
> go downhill.  

Hard to believe you don't have anything left. My '86 500cstq has seen
145MPH (on an open interstate of course) before my sanity kicked in and
told me to let off the throttle, but it was still pulling. And I was on a
slight grade as well. Granted, I have a few mods. Don't ever plan on going
that fast again anyway (but I probably will)
> Hasta, 
> (temporarily) Anonymous
> '93 S4sIA3


Brett Augsburger
'86 5000cstq