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Re: "new" '84 5000S (message length alert)

> >Amazingly, there seems to be a leak out of the steering rack.  
> >(I'm getting hip to the problem.)
> The steering rack leak is a common one.  Put some brake fluid (yes Brake
> fluid) in the power steering canister and see if that helps.  BTW, if you
> put regular power steering fluid (the red stuff) in there, flush the system
> immediately (this is a 5000 right?).  This car uses a hydrolic fluid, not ps
> fluid in the power steering/braking system.
> John Karasaki

Hmmm... brake fluid.  Makes some sense.

Any thots regarding keeping it as a mixture or using totally brake fluid?
I suppose you'd need to change it yearly or so.

I thought I had found a synthetic PSF to use, but looked closer yesterday
and saw it was a blend.  And it was "not recommended for Honda", which I
presume to be a miss-spelling of Audi.  Guess I'll have to read that part
about flushing the system a little closer.