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John's Auto Prob

	John Karasaki's tranny prob.

	I looked [for a brief time] at putting a 5 speed in the wife's 5k 
wag.  Didn't get to the point of actually measuring, etc.  My solution 
was to replace transaxle [it went south too] with one from a parts car I 
have and bought the auto from Modern Imports in St. Louis.  Something 
like 3-4 bills, 60k, 101 day warranty.  Works puurrrfectly.  Total deal 
on the tranny was less than $500.  

	If you talk w/ Modern Imports [phone number escapes me] ask for 
Kevin.  Tell him Eric Fletcher told you to call [Eric told me to call, 
and I'm telling you to call, so, really it is true:)

	Good luck