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5KS Front End Problems - HELP!!!

The front end of my '88 5KS has been transmitting some strange sensations
lately.  If I drive along at a slow speed (< 15 mph), the steering wheel
will steer to the right.  Not smoothly, though, but in pulsations...maybe an
inch at a time (in other words, the steering wheel actualy turns to the
right).  As I increase speed (and hold the wheel straight), the pulsation
frequency increases and eventually becomes a mild but very nocticeable
vibration (@ > 60 mph) that's transmitted throughout the front end.

There is also a kind of moaning sound that comes from the front driver side
between speeds of 40 - 50 mph and then again between 60 - 70 mph.

Will all this be an expensive fix?

About 3 months ago I had a set of Boge struts installed and all 4 wheels
aligned.  Could this be the result of an improper/incomplete job?


Gary - NYC