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Re: 91 200 Q Timing Belt Parts

  I just had this done, Paul.  If it will help here's a list with Part #s 
from the place who did it.

V belt        112X820           $14.77
V belt        13X915             $15.22
V belt        13X960             $11.92
air filter      191129620       $31.20
timing belt  054109119A    $51.05
tensioner   069109243B     $77.00
rotor          04170                $ 9.95
cap           03239                $31.05

Don't know if the parts #s apply or not.  Oh, while you're under
there: install a Hella Air Horn; I love it.  

    -Eric Harman (ericha@wrq.com)
    '91 200 Quattro (for sale), '90 Mazda 626 Touring Sedan GT

>I'm gonna change out the timing belt on my 91 200 Q next weekend, what 
should I
>	Timing Belt
>	Water Pump??? (mine from my 87 5KSQ went 180K with no problems)
>	Power steering belt
>	AC belt
>	Alternator belt
>	Coolant
>	Tensioner?? (is this some kind of consumable on this car?)
>I want to have all the parts on hand, anything else I should have for this