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Re: RPM specific groan from engine??!!

>>Does anyone elses 5KCSQ make this noise...should I start to select
>>something to sacrifice to the Audi god of strange noises??

>Hydrulic pump......  Bet that's what it is.

	I hope that's all it is, my hearing rots from being blown-up too many
times long ago and far away, and that coupled with the hi-speed fan going on
and off made it impossible for me to narrow down where the sound was coming
from the other day. Just went out and checked it again, as the car was warm from
a recent iced coffee run, if I stand in front of the car it sounds like it's
coming from the back of the engine by the distributor and if I stand towards
the back of the engine compartment it sounds as though the groan is coming from
the front of the engine...damn these war'n out ears;-\ I don't have one of
those neat stethoscope dealies for locating engine noises; I guess I'll try the
ol' screwdriver to the ear trick later. Thanx for the help, Eric; that is a
rebuilt pump I put in last year; still no leaks anywhere...knock on wood, my
head, wood.