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Re: Crazy weather (extr. low Audi content)

>>I think Eric is working on that hush hush super aero experiment on dimpled
>>surfaces and it's effects on maintaining a laminar air-flow layer attached
>>at speed.
>Ernest, I told you that was a secret!............
>Now I'm gonna have to kill'ya!

Heee heee.

Meebbe they shouldn't know about the skin suction device. No, not that
liposuction crap. But the ones the aero engineers were playing with about
micro-pores on the vehicle surface with a negative pressure applied to the
underside of the surface. This keeps the laminar layer from de-laminating
to reduce drag.

Mebbe we can now really use that turbo housing vacuum that no one has much
use for. . .

The speed limits have certainly been raised. But the general IQ of the
population out on the highways are still abysmally low. (Not counting the
errant deer and raccooooons. They probably RAISE the IQ level. The ones
that don't become pancakes and grill ornaments, that is)