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Re: K&N filters (WAS: High Altitude Turbo Bar Question)

I just bought mine at BAP-GEON on Madison Ave and 13th E.  They had a 40%
off sale.  Call them to see if it is still on.  The sale was on current
stock because they closed the Portland Store.

Nathan Belo
NW Region quattro Club

 On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, Peter Henriksen wrote:

> Speaking of K&N filters, where's the best place to get one for my 200?
> Just wondering. About time to change it anyway.
> Thanks (in advance).
> - peter henriksen, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa
>   91 200qw
>   94 acura legend gs
>   80 mazda 626
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> >From: 	Tim Miller[SMTP:tjmill1@uswest.com]
> >Sent: 	Thursday, July 25, 1996 1:52 PM
> >To: 	Darin Nederhoff; quattro@coimbra.ans.net; STEADIRIC@aol.com
> >Subject: 	RE: RE: High Altitude Turbo Bar Question
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> >>>Also the Check Engine light will come on at times when the
> >>>hesitation occurs.   The car has the TAP Chip
> >>
> >>I'm not touching this one.........
> >>
> >>Later!
> >>
> >>>Eric Fletcher
> >
> >>Hahaha!  Well Eric, you MAY comment, just be cool about it.  ;) 
> >>hehehe 
> >
> >>Later,
> >
> >>Darin
> >
> >I knew this would get a rise from both of you based on some of the prior TAP
> >comments.     I purchased the car with the TAP chip already installed.  I
> >have spoken with IBER at TAP and he seemed very knowledgable, but I am also
> >very uneducated in this area.   He recommended I check the bottom intercooler
> >hose for breaks and to also look at going to the K&N cone filter.  I have not
> >done either of these yet, but it appears to be the best advice I have
> >received to date.   Once I look into these solutions I will let you know if
> >he was right.
> >Thanks
> >Tim
> >92 S4
> >