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Re: Just some questions...

Psycho Bob wrote:
> What's the differences that sets Group A, Group C, and Group N apart? And
> WRC? How do they differ from the long gone Group B?
> Has anyone seen Demon Tweeks catalog in the U.S.?
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Demon Tweeks has alot of goodies in their catalog! They had an offer for a free
catalog recently, I sent them a self addressed 10 x 13 mailing envelope and a note
requesting the catalog. I received one by return mail in about 3 weeks.

Their address is:

Demon Tweeks
75, Ash Road South
Wrexham Industrial Estate
Clwyd, LL13 9UG

If this doesn't work, or you want to pay to get one sooner, their phone order number
01979 664466

Good Shopping
Gil Ceniceros