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[Fwd: Re: Crazy weather (extr. low Audi content)]

Tom Nas, DTP Direct bv wrote:
> Hi James,
> That must have been a very expensive damage... from what I've heard,
> especially the roof can be expensive to put right, because they have to
> remove the headliner. Because my 80 has a non-removable one-piece
> headliner, that would have been really costly! Did your insurance cover the
> damage?
> >We had a similar storm here in Illinois in May 1989.  Golf ball size hail
> >driven by
> >75 MPH winds!  Our 1985 5000S was not as lucky.
> >Broken windshield, heavy denting on bonnet, boot and roof.  Had the dents
> >repaired and
> >traded the car in 1993 for a '93 100CS.

Since it is my firm belief that no body shop, no matter how reliable, can do as good a 
job at repainting as the factory, I try to minimize repainting whenever possible.
But since the bonnet and boot were so heavily damaged, and being low, horizontal 
surfaces were so noticeable, I had the bonnet (hood) and boot (trunk) lids replaced, and 
the sunroof panel, also extremely badly dented repaired.

The lids were replaced with Audi factory parts, primed at the factory.  The body shop 
did an okay, not great job.  The color match was good, but the depth (richness) of the 
finish just was not there. (Stone Grey metallic clearcoat).  This left a couple major 
dents on the roof itself but not too noticeable if unless you stood elevated above the 
car and a good sized dent on the front fender.  Not a perfectly complete repair, but at 
least one did not get nauseous when looking at the damaged hood and trunk.

About two years later the repainted panels needed rebuffing even though that were waxed 
and properly cared for, and my friend, who bought the car says they need rebuffing 

Oh yes, the insurance paid for the repair.  Estimated at $2,700.  Since I didn't have 
all the body panels (fender and roof) repaired I was able to pocket about $1,300 and 
apply toward the purchase of the '93.  

Now, dent wizards can remove dents without repainting.  Had this done on a door ding on 
our '93 100CS with excellent results. I highly recommend their services.