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Re: Package Tray

9 days?  I'm *way* ahead of you man, my A/C's been gone for a year!!  
Blower motor is a dim memory now.  I'm experiencing shot struts right 
now, it's quite refreshing to have a non-electrical problem with my car.  
I'm thinking of creating a new game, kind of like that old game 
"operation" except the patient is an Audi and you pick cards and have to 
perform various repairs???  What do you think??    :-)  Stef
> > On Fri, 26 Jul 1996, Stef wrote:
> > --Package tray? the little CD shelf? I guess you could call it a package
> > tray but it sounds so spacious that way. Bummer you don't have one, I
> > love mine (na na nan na na naaaa!)  :-P   Good luck finding one.
> > ---BTW don't take this the wrong way, the "package tray" is one of the
> > few amenities on my car that still works, I need to gloat a little.
> >
> Oh sure! Rub it in! Thanks a lot!!! :) Ill remember this...when you write
> to the list in 9 days (Typical audi failure rate) that your AC compressor
> died....ill just mention I have a spare one here....  :)