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Re: Unlabelled Gauge markings

> linust@interramp.com wrote on  27 Jul 96 15:36:20
> < When one of the Corrados first came out (don't recall if it was the G60 or
> < the VR6), R&T magazine commented on high oil temps--I recall 230-255F!  The
> < response from the VW engineers was that was by design--more efficient and
> < cleaner burning.
> In respect to the 1989-90 Corrado, the July 1995 Letters in "European Car"
> responded to a Corrado hot oil query.....
> At the introduction of the Corrado ...."After a long quick haul up a
> mountain road, we were seeing oil temperatures of 249 degrees!" ..... The
> VW engineers stated "that with the oil much colder, horsepower goes down,
> emissions go up and fuel mileage drops.......We know that everything you
> read tells you that engine oil should be 180 degrees F, but we think it may
> be time for another look. Modern synthetic oils don't come close to
> breaking down at 300 or even 350 degrees F. We think we'd try a good
> synthetic, and just not worry too much about it. You'll note that VW's most
> modern engine, the VR6, runs high oil temperatures and heats up quite
> quickly - all the better for emissions, economy and performance."

My Corrado (VR6) normally runs 215 or so around town during the summer 
months. 230 - 240 is common at 80 mph. Hard driving had generated 270. 
A friend who races has seen 318!! Not a whimper from the motor. Installed 
an additional oil/air cooler to supplement the factory oil/water, just to 
be safe. 

93 VR6 C 
S2 please!