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Re: URGENT -- need help

SOP8920@siena.edu wrote:
> >Thanks!
> >Alex Kowalski
> >'84 4KQ
> Since the MC on my 200 was just replaced I can offer my 2 cents here.  Took forever to
> back-bleed it though.
>    BTW this is the same incident where the shop put the wrong fluid in the car.
> DOT 4 for the 200q not pentosin in the brakes. :) Don't worry guys I wrote
> it up on the chalkboard 1000 times.

Thanks for the info.   Based on this, it seems that the hydraulic clutch of a Porsche 944 is no easier to bleed 
than that of an Audi (I wonder why?).  I once spent a half-hour underneath my uncle's 944, praying the clutch 
would start working, working a bleeder wrench while he pumped the pedal and we kept saying encouraging things 
to each other.  Finally it worked right, to the relief of both of us.  We tore around for a while, and then had 
some truly delicious gourmet hamburgers with great big grilled shittake mushrooms fixed by his lovely wife 
while she was snickering at us lying underneath the Bright Red Male Thing in the twilight of suburban D.C. A 
little hydraulic fluid on the fingers is a   nice seasoning under those circumstances!

Best Wishes,

Alex Kowalski
'84 4KQ