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Re: Update on clutch

Dan Simoes wrote:
> Not sure if those pins made a difference or not (missing bolts)
> but I got it in my head that the tranny oil lubes the clutch
> (shows you what I know).  Nope, tranny oil is fine and I
> suspect a clutch master and/or slave problem.  A friend's mechanic
> was over his house for a bit and I chatted with him.  He seems
> to know the car very well and told me there is a check valve
> that keeps the brakes working even when the clutch fails.
> Bentley confirms this.  He told me to check the rubber line
> off the slave, and it looks fine.  Next step is to check the
> bleeder on the slave which I couldn't do because of darkness.
> He's going to pop by on Tues to check it out.  At least
> the forecast is sunny for tomorrow! :)
> I towed it home with the ever-reliable-yet-too-reliable-that-
> I-had-to-go-and-buy-a-#$%@-quattro GLI and it sits in
> its place of honor, in my driveway.
> I pointed out to my friend that this car has more miles being
> towed and/or on flatbed than on its own power.
> Trying to keep a bright outlook (yeah, like kerosene and
> a zippo lighter...)
> | Dan |

C'mon Dan, You must be careful what you say, the audi gods are always
listening. What you meant was the car is one of the finest that you have
had towed. Why put the wear and tear on such a fine automobile.


1991 200Q 
1995 LHS ( wish it were an AUDI)
1985 4000SQ ( for sale soon) (maybe)