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used 5ktqw

We spotted a used 5ktqw on a used car lot in Seattle over the
weekend. We stopped to look at it very briefly, but did get the
following information.

'87 5000 Quattro (Turbo) Wagon
Red w/ black leather interior
factory wheels
134,000 miles on odometer
cosmetically good for year/mileage
they had $6995 on the window

dunno much more about it 'cept it's at

Price is Right Auto Sales (yeah, sure)
8910 Lake City Way

(206) 522-6962

I could take a more detailed look at it
if anyone's interested.

steve powers ... '95.5 S6 ... '95 620RX/C ... '91 K100RS-16V ... '88 R100S
spowers@spdg.com * stratos product development group * seattle, washington

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