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Re: Silicone brake fluid

I have a couple of unopened litres of ATE super blue fluid that my mechanic doesn't want to install. He says that several of his Porsche 
customers have had trouble (undefined) with it at the track, and have switched back to "normal" DOT4.

Could it be that he has the ATE super blue confused with DOT5 silicone, or am I confused?

By the way, I have had no difficulty with "normal" DOT4 either on the street, or at track days at NHIS (Louden), Lime Rock, or even at 
Watkins Glen. I think I'm going pretty fast (and braking pretty hard).

Glenn Lawton
1983 TQC tan
1990 20V CQ pearl
1986 4000Q white (w/202Kmi!!!)
1985 MBenz 230TE (grey market wagon)