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CD adaptor for BOSE?

I read a couple of postings to the list about an interface between the BOSE
(delta) I think, and another type of CD player, other than the OEM Blaupunkt
nee Sony.  Well, I asked my dealer about it, and they said WHAAAT?  Anyway
after talkning to AoA, they told me that the kit is part of a bulletin which
has not been published yet.  That it was designed for later models than mine (a
1992 100Q) but if it fits one Delta it will fit all.  They warned me that I
must make sure that a harness is fitted otherwise its a mjor job to retrofit.

So I have 2 questions of the previous contributors:

 1) The p/n I was offered is zaw840001 for $118, does this sound

 2) How do I check for a CD unconnected harness?

TIA to all.

And BTW, I was the one who fitted the Euro lights to the same car with 100/130
H4s.  Upped the fuse from 15amps to 20 amps.  Works like magic.  Very nice
distinct pattern with low cut off on the LHS so it does not disturb oncoming
traffic.  The brights are fabulous, equal to almost anything I have seen
including aircraft GE landing lights on a BMW 535M!  WWO.