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Re: B pillar rattle

>From Seehack@aol.com Mon Jul  1 18:49:14 1996
>The A4 has the seat belt's height adjustment too.  I believe it is not the
>door too.  Will have it check out at my 7500 miles service.

I just had the UBERWGN (1995.5 S6 Avant) in for it's 15k checkup, and I
mentioned the occasional rattle in the B pillar.  They removed the
interior cover on the pillar and put some strips of insulation in
there to supress the rattle.  Unfortunately, I wasn't there to witness
the operation, and the service manager wasn't sure exactly what it was
that was causing the rattle.  However, the only thing up there is the
adjustable seat belt thingy...

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