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Consumers' Retort

>From the same people who said all engine oils are the same, but some are
more expensive than others...

Now, they are onto engine treatments. Not suprisingly, they claim no
engine oil treatment had any significant decrease in engine wear. They did
note STP engine treatment by observing it in a test tube, tilting them
back and forth (by hand), that it may freeze in low temperature because
"it looked thicker."

On a side note on same experiment, CR also note no difference in oil
chaning interval at 3,000mi or 6,000mi.

Of course, all these things were conducted observed on those push-rod New
York taxi cabs, with CR personnels (with white overcoats) working side by
side with NY taxi cab technicians (with half of their arse exposed).

Brought to you by Ripply's Believe or Not. (;

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