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Re: Lingering troubles with recent blower repair

Ernest Wong wrote:
> [from Frank Bauer]
> >- you can pee on your driveway if you like but DON'T DUMP YOUR ANTIFREEZE

> Guess what we contribute is pittance compared to the 'DeIcing' airports do
> when they 'Exxon Valdez' the waiting jets with glycol deicing fluid.
> Didn't think putting glycol in the storm drain was good. I know of toooo
> many racoons that frequent storm drains.
> my 2 drips.

There was an article in Avaiation Week about how the Germans have built a 
special system for de-icing planes at the big, controversial new airport 
over there (Erwinger Moos sp?)  It collects the glycol spray and recycles 
it so the earthworms don't have to swim in it. Good idea.  I sat at the 
gate at Chicago Midway a few times and watched them shoot the stuff all 
over the plane.  Most of it went down a drain in the tarmac.  I'll bet it 
wasn't recycled.

Best Wishes,