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RE: Unlabelled Gauge markings

Some are G60s (supercharged w/VW's G Lader supercharger) and some are
VR6s. I don't remember the specs for the former, but the VR6s have the
narrow angle (15 degrees, I think) "inline" 6 and put out about 178bhp.
I have driven a couple of VR6 cars and they're absolutely amazing.
According to some magazines the Corrado is the best handling front wheel
drive car ever (YMMV etc. etc.). Super little cars.

Of course, they're not quattros :-) The 90-91 CQ is a completely
different animal.

Check out the specs for both on Edmunds' web site.
- peter

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>>linust@interramp.com wrote on  27 Jul 96 15:36:20
>>< When one of the Corrados first came out (don't recall if it was the G60 or
>>< the VR6), R&T magazine commented on high oil temps--I recall 230-255F!
>>< response from the VW engineers was that was by design--more efficient and
>>< cleaner burning.
>>In respect to the 1989-90 Corrado, the July 1995 Letters in "European Car"
>>responded to a Corrado hot oil query.....
>>At the introduction of the Corrado ...."After a long quick haul up a
>>mountain road, we were seeing oil temperatures of 249 degrees!" ..... The
>>VW engineers stated "that with the oil much colder, horsepower goes down,
>>emissions go up and fuel mileage drops.......We know that everything you
>>read tells you that engine oil should be 180 degrees F, but we think it may
>>be time for another look. Modern synthetic oils don't come close to
>>breaking down at 300 or even 350 degrees F. We think we'd try a good
>>synthetic, and just not worry too much about it. You'll note that VW's most
>>modern engine, the VR6, runs high oil temperatures and heats up quite
>>quickly - all the better for emissions, economy and performance."
>>Just quoting but note they stated synthetic oil can handle the heat.
>>John Holt
>>1988 90Q
>>"The Major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that
>>can not possibly go wrong is that when a thing that can not possibly go
>>wrong goes wrong it turns out to be impossible to get at or repair.
>>From the book "Mostly Harmless" by Douglas Adams
>I have a question about those corradas. I have seen them on the road and
>they look like real nice cars. I want one of those or a CQ.  What kind of
>engine do they have and how much horsepower do they have?