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rear foglights - not?

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

so I decided to find out what was under all that plastic crap on the back of
*my* coupe.   Not much (any) rust, thankfully, a bit of dirt....and two
"dummy" foglight reflector / sockets!!??

There is no hole to plug a light socket into them, just a blank bulge in the
white plastic of the assembly.  There is even an unused wire (grey/green) in
the lid harness.

1 Do I need to get the entire red reflector/lens from a newer car to set up
rear fogs?   

2 Think I could just Dremel some holes and plug in the appropriate sockets? 

3 Does anybody have either of these (lens, sockets) lying around?  (spose I
could go to junkyard) 

4 Could any of you who have their coupes in pieces right now make a careful
trace of the socket mounting hole and then I can follow it?

Huw Powell

82 cgt
73 f250
rust never sleeps