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Re: 200 qw front pads update

On Mon, 29 Jul 1996 gregsj@mail.imm.com wrote:

> Fellow Audians and more specifically, UFO brake sufferers -- Peter 
> writes "$218.65 for the pair of front pads for UFO brakes. That's 
> nothing short of ridiculous." Amen brother Pete. I know what I'm about 
> to write is heresy for this list, but maybe it's time to discuss a 
> class action law suit. I realize the UFO brakes looked good on paper, 
> but the uncontested reality is they turned out to be a complete 
> disaster (pass the warped rotors please). So much so, in fact, that 
> for a time, Audi was replacing the whole UFO system under warranty 
> with "regular" Audi brakes. For those of us who missed the warranty 
> period, or bought our cars second hand (an our previous owners missed 
> the warranty period) they now have the unmitigated gall to charge us 
> triple the market price for new pads (the rotors are over priced as 
> well) to replace our warped systems with new soon to be warped 
> systems. Given the circumstances, Audi should be giving us replacement 
> parts at a third of the market price to make up for the warping 
> problem, as opposed to charging us three times as much as the market 
> price for "regular" Audi brakes. Should we press the issue? 
Pardon my ignorance.....what does UFO stand for?  As a racer....brake 
pads that we are buying for our ITE Mustang go for $260 per set and we 
use a set per race.....From what I can see, looking at my Audi 
brakes....(I have an 89 90 and my husband has a 5000csQ and my sons 2- 
4000SQ's....) the brakes look like they generate a lot of heat....now 
considering the speeds these cars will do and the lack of air to the 
brakes....I'm not surprised that the rotors are warping.....however, 
given better brake fluid, some brake prep....and perhaps wheels that 
generate better air flow.....I think the problem may be lessened.....what 
is the compound of these UFO brakes? 
Do you think it's exactly Audi's fault the prices we have to pay?  More 
like the import taxes.....blame Clinton-baby and his cronies for that one.