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Having just replaced the v-belts, hydraulic pump, and blower motor (a couple
of weeks ago), I thought I'd just post about it...

I'd like to thank Christian Long for donating a rebuilt pump he had laying
around. Last night, I finally got around to changing some ageing belts, and
thought it was also a good time to replace that pump that has been slowly
leaking Pentosin down my engine block. The swap was a cinch, since A: "I had
done it before", and B "Christian had sent the pump with pulley and brackets
attached!". I needed less that half a quart of Pentosin for the swap. I was
very carefull to de-pressurize the system (no problem with a bomb as bad
as mine), and keep the pump and lines as high above the resevoir as possible
when disconnecting them. The majority of the fluid went into priming the new
pump, with a little used to top up the resevoir. After I got it back together,
I went for a ride down the street and pulled into the Zexel-Torsen parking
lot to check the fluid level (yes, this is the place that does R+D on the
Torsen diffs). Well, this pump looks OK, but there is a little seepage that
I'm going to keep my eyes on... (keeping my fingers crossed)

I had replaced the blower motor a couple of weeks ago (around the 4th). I
followed some directions from Roland and things went very well, I had the
whole mess back together in 1.5 hours. It helps that I'm 6'2" and can reach
that area fairly easily. I had a friend helping me with a wonder-bar holding
the blower housing as high as possible. I didn't need to disconnect any hoses,
so there was no coolant loss. I didn't even have to cut that adhesive tape
which seals the housing against the sheet metal. The biggest bear was flexing
that damn coupler to get it out (the one which connects that housing to the
AC/air intake plenum. The second biggest bear (perhaps the mama bear?) was
getting the blower motor alligned so the c-clip would go on. Unlike a previous
poster, I had no problem prying off the c-clip and working it back into
the slot (I guess practice makes perfect, or at least teaches me a few tricks)!

Sorry about my dense writing style, I'm sure it can be hard to read....