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RE: Turbo Exhaust manifolds

... I don't know WHERE I got the "3" piece EM from ... I meant two-piece!

In any event it appears that the major issue is the positioning of the 
wastegate on the EM, and I would suppose that this might affect the 
corrugated tube as well.  The 2-piece EM was designed for the later turbo 
engines, and I have noticed that on the '88 5k turbo the WG is mounted 
farther aft and oriented farther away from vertical as compared with the 
QTC.  I really wonder if it will be possible to bolt in the 2-piece on 
an urQ without including some of the exhaust system of the 5000 as well.
I think I'll try to compare the corrugated tube and exhaust systems on 
both this evening ... I didn't hear from anyone that had BTDT.  

I've eyeballed em with the two manifolds on the bench side-by-side. The WG location and orientation appeared to be identical. Cannot swear to this with 100% certainty as they combo has still not yet been installed in the ur-q.