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Oil filter warning

Hi fellow Audians,

Re the recent thread about oil filters not being up to OEM spec:

-The British Car list, of which I'm also a member (I like unreliable quirky
cars) carried a discussion recently on oil filters from a well known brand,
starting with the letter F and ending with M, (with the orange boxes). It
appears that there was a batch of oil filters on the market in which the
membrane was stuck down with bad glue. This caused an extremely slow build
up of oil pressure (promoting engine wear). Apparently, the firm knew about
the existence of these filters and wasn't going to do anything about it.
This discussion went on with an employee of said firm writing that he would
tell the legal department of his employer about this discussion, for them
to take action. The guy was flamed to a crisp, of course. Apparently, those
filters are still around.

-A good friend of mine works as a mechanic at a VAG dealership here in
Holland. He told me recently of a guy driving his A6 into the workshop with
a lot of expensive noises coming from the front end. Turned out the guy had
used an inferior oil filter, and the paint had flaked off the canister,
thus enabling it to rust through and dump the oil. Exit one engine, stage

Just thought I'd warn you guys, although I'm not a fan of the VAG dealer at
least *my* car isn't going to be serviced with anything other than VAG
filters. The measly amount of money you save on non-original here can turn
into an expensive nightmare...



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