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Re: Silicone brake fluid

wow--what a thread...a few comments/observations...

-  silicone IS inert (why do you think it's used for um...body
augmentation?). in other words, silicone, in and of itself, is not corrosive.
-  silicone does NOT absorb water, like DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluid.  so...
-  if you use silicon fluid, any water in your system will be free to do its
regular thing--corrode steel
-  as someone posted, water in DOT 3/4 fluid lowers its boiling point--a
problem mostly at the track or if you live in the mountains
-  someone once said, if your *entire* brake system is new (MC, lines,
calipers/wheel cylinders) and there is NO old moisture anywhere, DOT 5,
because it won't absorb moisture, will last longer than DOT 3/4.  this is
where the comment on classic cars makes sense.
-  silicone fluid is more compressible than DOT 3/4--brakes feel lousy
-  there is a non-silicone DOT 5.1 fluid, compatible with DOT 3/4;
Lockheed/Girling puts it out (others?).

i've put the DOT 5.1 fluid in my car.  i'm not sure it makes any real
difference from a good DOT 4, and since it's easy enough to bleed brakes
before each track event, i'm likely to just use a good DOT 4 in the future.


At 12:40 PM 7/29/96 -0400, STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
>Silicon Dot 5 is NOT Inert....It can and WILL Corrode your ABS pump and 
>calipers. Racers Won't even use this stuff..... If your looking for great 
>brake fluid just go to your favorite WMB dealer and get their brake 
>juice, or Ate Super Blue. NJTH.
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