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Re: S4 Raffle tickets, fuel pump humming

>From: loren01@ix.netcom.com (Scott Bermes)
>Subject: Raffle for S4 from a few months ago
>Did anybody buy the raffle tickets?  I did and can not locate the 
>promotional flyer indicating the raffle date and contact phone number 
>of the organization.  Can anybody fill me in on the date and a contact 
>name/number?  Thanks.
>89 200tqw

I believe the raffle is on August 16th.  Call Jan at the Lamoille County
Humane Society.  802-888-4303

> From: mbilling@research.westlaw.com
> Subject: Re: 93 CS Q Wagon
>Mike's been humming loudly for almost 50K miles.  Started at about 90K >and
the car's got 140K now.  Am I running on borrowed time?
>Mark Hilbush
>Baltimore, MD
>87 4KCSQ

On my Coupe the fuel pump was noisy when I bought it almost five years and
50k ago.  Still pumpin'...  I do believe the use of Marvel Mystery Oil a
couple of times kinda smoothed it out a little though.

Ed Kellock
Lansing, IA
87 CGT 2.3