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Re: Warning... no useful Audi content

> Somewhere, sometime ago I saw this neat idea where all planes
> about to take off went through a tunnel about one hundred
> feet in length. The inside of this tunnel had tons of infra-red
> heating elements, ( sort of like a gigantic pizza oven ) and
> de-iced the plane at just the appropriate time, ( instead of
> every fifteen minutes at the terminal ).
> Alan

]Rochester NY is a test area for this setup.  They have a "structure" that 
]kinda resembles a large, somewhat flat topped A frame, and very deep.  The 
]unit actually looks to be metal framed with a cloth looking skin.  There are 
]infra red elements hung from the ceiling (more like a large broiler 
]actually).  Haven't had the opportunity to see it in use yet, but I suppose 
]that as soon as winter hits here again (Mid August!!), It will be seeing a 
]lot of use.


You guys are actually serious about this. The prototype is in Rochester? It
would seem to me that the cost, in terms of $ amount would be much higher for
the "broiler-method." It costs alot of energy to heat something as large as a
747 up for long enough to melt the ice. That energy has to be produced either
by a nuclear or oil burning electric plant. Since neither is truly a clean
source of energy, the choice between ethylene-glycol based cleaning systems and
ones that use electrical power seems to be moot. Right?