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Re: More Questions


>1) Wil there be any factory or after market performance people at the =
>qcusa at lime rock in august?? =20

No idea, but there should be many people present who have
performance mods on their cars which should be glad to talk.

>2) Should I bring my wife and newborn or leave them home??

Unless your wife is into Audi talk and wandering around the paddock
of a race track, I would suggest the home option.

>3) Why is there a nipple on the top of my waste gate that looks like it =
>can use a vacuum hose, yet it has always been naked?? What is its =

On some models this fitting is used to route vacum/boost pressure to
the top side of the wastegate which effectively lowers/raises the boost
control spring pressure. On the S4, it isn't used in this manner so it just
sits at atmospheric pressure.

>4) I also have some metal tubing coming off the exhaust side just before =
>the turbo and this is stopped up with rubber and a clamp and going =
>nowhere.  What is this for????

I think you are referring to the tube which is used to measure CO.

>5) By the way, if I could get a repair manual I wouldn't have to ask =
>most of these questions.

As far as I know there is no Bentley manual for the S4 available.

Dave Lawson
83 ur-q
86 GT