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Re: UrQ injector fan, temp light

   Has anyone evr seen a UrQ's injector fan running. I have a hot start problem 

Yeah, by manually shorting out the relay switch . . . In Southern CA low 100's
(F) summer, hot run, still never saw the damn thing switch on by itself.

I just took mine out; makes it easier to get to the plugs . . .

   that seems to show up between 25 mins after driving to 4 or 5 hours, it seems 
   to flood. Is this a fuel pressure issue or is this a relay problem? Any 
   thoughts on the injector fan? Thanks.

The typical problem is vapor-lock, not flooding! Try a quickie spritz of
magic ("Starting") fluid when it's not starting, if it fires right up, 
then you've got a classic case.

You should be hearing a magic relay (the "Hot Start Pulse Relay")
clicking away on a roughly 3-second cycle under the dash as you
valiantly crank away on the hot engine. If not, that's your problem.

Also, you might [you *definitely*] want to install a more rational
thermostat in there . . . stock thermostat/configuration will heat-
soak the head to well over 250F on engine shutdown (see the archives
for my rantings on this particular subject).

   Yesterday a green/blue temperature idiot light came on upon starting and then 
   proptly faded away. I remember reading that the urQ with its lack of 
   instrumentation had a light to indicate when the car was at the correct 
   coolant temp. Does anyone know? Why did it go out immediately? 

Yup, the blue "cold engine" light comes on for a few seconds, then
disappears. On a really cold (-10F) winter night, it stays on for
20 or 30 seconds before [very optimistically, I might add] fading
away. Temp gauge is of course still stuck on -infinity . . . In
actual daylight, it's too dim to really see!

As I have said, the Japanese have nothing on Audi when it comes to
cramming their cars with useless electrogizmajigs! (but then at least
the Japanese ones work . . .)