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Re: Work continues ... I'm stuck.

On Tue, 30 Jul 1996, lavallee wrote:

> To all,
> The wrok on my '87 5000-S continues. Have solved the extreme up and down
> movement of the rpm gage by fixing a vacuum leak and cleaning the ISV. Many
> thanks to listers.
> Since I've reclaimed responsibility for the car from the garage, I hope to
> correct every problem there is. 
> Just renectly I repaired a slow leak in the fuel tank (happened whenever I
> put more than $30 of gas in). 
> Now, here's the crunch: car wouldn't start after doing the tank work. There
> is lots of fuel on both sides of the filter. No spark at the coil. Replaced
> the coil to see if it was the problem. Still didn't start. 
> I'm told the grounding may be incomplete. Or, is ther something else?
> How do I checkthe grounding? And is there something elser that might be
> causing this? 
> PLease let me know what you all think.
> Thank you.
> Larry 
My guess is that this is purely electrical.......check the voltage in the 
wires from the pump back.......if you have juice, it could be the fuel 
pump has crapped out....was it unusually noisy prior to doing the tank work?
Good luck.....we're still chasing the short in the system in our race car 
and simply hotwired it.....