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> A year or two ago we had a discussion about fitler quality on the 
> Corrado-l list. Basically what came up is the filter you buy for $2.50 is 
> not the same great filter they advertise. Several people (including me) 
> cut appart both Fram and Mann filters. Fram had like a third of the 
> filter media! 

I was deciding on whether I should go OEM filter or filter-at-the-local-
corner-store (they had FRAM) for my MPV minivan. OEM filter was hellishly
expensive, but I bought one anyone. On the way back, I dropped by the
local store to check out FRAM. A lot cheaper in price, but I found
(without cutting it apart) drain-back valve was missing and the
construction was cheezy to me. As far as air filter goes, they were
horribly made -- I saw two or three that did not have the air element
properly glued to the housing, creating a Big Hole For Thing To Get

As far as CR goes, it's pretty a right bet if you do the opposite they're
recommending you -- probably with expception of food processors and vacuum

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