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Re: Yes! Yes! Yes!

>Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 16:14:52 +0200
>To:Mark Eissler <tequila@interlog.com>
>From:tnas@dtpdirect.nl (Tom Nas, DTP Direct bv)
>Subject:Re: Yes! Yes! Yes!
>Hi Mark,
>>Tom, how extensive is this annual test? They're is now talk of
>>implementing something here (in Ontario, Canada) for cars older than five
>>years (which, of course, would include my trust 1986 4ks).
>Here in Holland, it's for all cars over three years old. I think it's
>pretty thorough, although there are a few shady garages that pass almost
>any car.
>Main points of the test: corrosion on load-bearing parts, engine emission
>(CO, visible smoke), brakes, steering, seat belts, lights. The tester is
>allowed to use a small hammer to ascertain whether certain parts of the
>car's underbody are still solid. Also checked are the registration details
>of the car (documents, VIN, license plates), solidity of the exhaust, type
>of fuel in relation to that mentioned in the papers, battery mounting
>points, play in steering/suspension, wheel bearings, wheels and tyres,
>shocks, functioning of locks, windscreen, wipers, washers, demister,
>mirrors, seat mechanisms, sharp protruding pieces (as in accident damaged
>cars) and horn.
>When a good garage tests your car, I think the test is a good thing.
>However, main criticisms are the abundance of cowboys in the trade that
>pass almost anything on four wheels for the right amount of money, as well
>as the test being in the hands of the garages, who stand to gain the most
>from noticing and repairing alleged defects. The Dutch test (called APK)
>is almost as strict and extensive as the German TUV, for which they even
>test the driver's breath for freshness, and his shoe size I think.:-)
>The test has effectively killed off most seventies cars and older. It's
>also become a nice bargaining point for selling or buying an old car. A
>full year's test certificate can still double the value of an old banger.
>Main point of discussion at the moment is the announced stricter test for
>diesel-engined vehicles. They've been putting it off for some years, but
>it's coming through now. Diesel is very popular here, most diesel cars
>having been round the clock a couple of times with engines on the brink of
>expiry. The proposed test involves revving the engine to the max and then
>testing for smoke and other emission. This is called 'the car killer',
>because all the older engines couldn't stand up to this abuse. The
>forthcoming legislation has already killed off most of the used diesel car
>I'm glad I don't have a diesel!
>Tom1988 1.8S FWD

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