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[Fwd: Re: Lime Rock Event]

OK, here goes again (I tried this once before and the mail 
was bounced back to me as undeliverable)

Lime Rock is a very pretty track - nestled between some 
beautiful mountains, tall trees and grassy hills for parking 
yourself under to watch the action.  This is great when the 
Q club rents the track, as it's very uncrowded and easy to 
find a nice spot (as opposed to some of the more public 

As far as amusing herself, there isn't really much to do but 
watch the cars, talk to other people (although I think there 
are a fair number of spouses attending).

Bring water - the water in the restrooms is undrinkable, 
although you can get water and lots of other stuff while the 
snack bar is open (I think between about 11 - 2 or so).

The gift shop is also generally open the same times as the 
snack bar - good for some browsing.

Any other questions let me know.  Good luck and I'll see you