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Baby at the track

I would recommend she drive separately if it's an option.  That way if
for any reason she's got to go it won't be an issue.  

The only other thing I'd worry about is protection from the sun.  Another
car would definitely be too hot if the weather's at all decent.  I would go
for some kind of sun umbrella.  

    -Eric Harman

P.S.  I sure wouldn't run on that tire, not that I think they'd let you
anyway.  Liability probably got a lot worse after a Silver State Classic
incident a few years ago.  Somebody was on V-rated rubber w/ a
Ferrari Testarossa instead of Z.  They let them run, tire blew, 2
people dead, I think.  

>Hey Guys its me (nick) again:
>Sorry about the wacky email problems your having, but thanks for the =
>responses. Now I seem Happy with my open nipple and tubing coming from =
>the exhaust. But as usual, I have more questions:
>1)  My wife wants to come to Lime Rock with the new baby.  Is there any =
>where for her to amuse herself.
>2)  I have a bubble in the sidewall of the left rear tire.  Should I =
>change before Lime Rock and if so, shpuld I make sure that the other =
>rear tire matches since I just found that the tires I have are =
>Thanks for all your help!!
>See ya in my pearle 93 s4 w/ NY plates
>- Nick