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Re: Re: wheel bearing?

> Hairy green toads from Mars made Paul Luevano say:
> > 	Eeek, my 5kcstq does the same thing, sometimes, when turning to the 
> > right.  I figured it was just the bearing going.  Is it really the CV joint?  
> > How much $$$ am I looking at?
> Don't have exact numbers, but the joints are around $200 or so, and
> about 2-3 hours to put in (?)
Maybe if you never have done it.  On a 5K, you will probably have to take
the axle off requiring one of those special 12 point bits.  I'd say 1.5 hours
tops on a 5K.  On my 90, it is an hour.
Go for a rebuilt joint if possible or get one from a junk yard better yet.
Just make sure the boot is in good condition.

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