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RE: was ur-q low temp light

>Yesterday a green/blue temperature idiot light came on upon starting and then
>proptly faded away. I remember reading that the urQ with its lack of
>instrumentation had a light to indicate when the car was at the correct
>coolant temp. Does anyone know? Why did it go out immediately?
>A. Finney
>1982 coupe
>1983 UrQ
>Yep, that would be the low temp light. Not supposed to run it up into
>boost till it is fully off, pretty much common sense. I don't even move
>mine till that light is fully out.

I have heard and read that engines should be warmed up by driving gently
rather than idling.  Thoughts?

>Mine goes out in 1-2 mins (85 ur-q) It must be like below 10-15 degrees F
>for it to come on at all. Where are you located and just how cold was it
>at the time? Cold enough that trees & fire hydrants been thankin' dogs?

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL