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RE: UrQ injector fan, temp light

Just a quick post on my experience with these issues:

WRT coolant cold temp light - In my car originally the light would come
on rarely if at all.  I wasn't worried because the car doesn't experience
extreme cold here in northern California.  I did find that when I cleaned
up the ground from the engine block to the frame (near the left motor 
mount) as well as the grounds up near the ignition coil that the light 
came on brighter and stayed on for the first minute or so of engine 
operation.  It is my understanding that the sender is not a switch but 
is actually a sending unit for a gauge.  This explains why the lamp slowly
dims as the engine warms.  Can anyone actually confirm this ... and has 
anyone actually hooked the sender up to a VDO gauge to see if it would 
register correctly?

WRT injector cooling fan - I can't say that I can recall hearing the 
injector cooling fan run while the car is operating, but I can tell you 
that I do commonly hear it after parking the car in the garage and shut-
ting off the engine.  The temperature switch is mounted on a sheet metal 
flange that is attached to the back of the head and valve cover.  This 
is a real stretch (and not likely to actually be correct :), but for some 
reason my memory is telling me that the wire is black with either a yellow 
or white stripe.  I have confirmed that it is the switch that operates the 
inj cooling fan by simply grounding the lug and observing the blower being
activated.  I wouldn't be too worried if mine did not work, I don't believe 
that the blower is meant to protect anything in particular, simply to 
reduce the likelihood of hot start problems.  I guess if you have a hot 
start problem you'd probably want to look into the operation of the blower ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)