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Re: Prestone? (was Blower solution)

> Problem two: I think my father has been using non-phosphate-free Antifreeze. He
> had a couple bottles of Prestone in the back of the car and they didn't say
> anthing about phosphate content. SO.. it seems that I will be flushing the
> cooling system. 

Apologies for being so insistently dumb, but is Prestone "known" to 
be bad phosphate-wise even when it does not specifically list any
phosphates as ingredients?

I'm looking at this in the sense that some other af's _do_ list 
phosphates in their ingredients, but the Prestone I looked at
does not.

I wonder if maybe we are just observing some marketing magic at
work.  I did look at some "Phosphate Free/Environment Friendly"
anti-freeze, but it didn't provide a specific ingredient list.