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RE: ANybody know of an MB list?

> BTW, the quality of these lists pale in comparison to the Q-list.
> Unless you like talkin bout big tahrs, steer clear of the peeJ list.

Each marque attracks different kinds of people. From what I observed, this
what I see in the "other 2" marques' new owners (that's important, as
most pre-owned car owners have tendency to be DIYers):

MB: Very conservative. These people pretty much don't touch the cars with 
bare hands. Many will even bulk at changing to different kind of engine
oil. Unless you're into gold-plating and "limosine windows," the most
daring personal touch may be getting those AMG Aero wheels. Many got money
to burn, but has the foggiest idea of how. To these people, to buy MB is
to look like other rich people. As far as caring of  the car is concerned,
the motto seems to be "if the dealer doesn't do it, don't do it." Most
have absolutely no idea what makes a car tick except the window sticker
price they negotiated (not much dicker there, either). They don't wash the
car themselves. They either use automatic car wash -- or better, let other
people wash the car.

BMW: There are two kinds of people who will attract to this marque --
people who long for MB but couldn't afford one, or someone who actually
knows most MB has recirculating balls that does not contribute driving
enjoyment. THese people are somewhat more adventurous than MB owners. Many
boy-racers also come here after leaving VW. To these people, BMW *is* the
ultimate driving machine, because BMW said so. The name of game here is
one-up-manship -- the more things you can tack on, the better the car
(with those gazillions of "features" that are already there) it becomes.
Althere there are the said gazillions of electronic gadget present on each
BMW cars, most owners only assume they work as most of them never touch
even 1% of those features. These electronic thingies eventually break
down, requiring owners to pay handsomely for things they never use.

Well, if I failed to offened these owners in minor areas, please feel
free to tack on your own un-PC comments. (:

Anyway. I just say the new A6-Passat pic on the EC. The new curved
roofline reminds me of Saturn. Other than that, I'm thankful that Audi
didn't take the blob into new heights, or make it look icky-ugly like the
TT. I wonder who will buy A6 when similarily equipped model can be had in
VW (assuming it will cost less in VW form?). I hope the planned variable
transmission will be unique to the Audi model.

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