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Re: Silicone Brake Fluid vs. ATE Super Blue

> However, I think perhaps that the Porsche guys had
> problems with silicone DOT5, not with ATE Super Blue,
> which, as far as I can tell is:
>	Not Silicone
>	Not DOT5

I use ATE Super Blue Racing in my race cars ( BMW M3 Grp.N and 
Opel Kadett GSI 16V Grp.N ) and in all my street cars without
any problems whatsoever. ATE Super Blue Racing is actually
advertised in Germany as a high performance brake fluid with
change intervalls of up to 3 years and optimal ABS performance
and to be used in race cars and street cars.


* Hans-Juergen Schneider / hschnei@ibm.net *
* 200 Quattro  /  90 Coupe Quattro 20V     *
* Germany                                  *