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Re: Oil temp in A4Q

On Aug 1, 11:00am, Peter Henriksen wrote:
> Subject: RE: Oil temp in A4Q
> So my 200 never gets above around 70 or so celcius in normal daily
> driving. On the highway I get to just above the next mark
> (no label).
> Should I be worried that it's not running hot enough?

Depends on what the "next mark" really is, and how often
you reach it.  It's probably a good idea to get the oil
up to 100C at least once every week or two, IMO.

Here's some more info on what my A4 does:

Oil temp: gets up to 225F and sticks there; have seen it
at about 240F while working reasonably hard.  Water temp
stays dead-center on the central hash mark like it's
glued there... anyone know how this gauge is calibrated?

Oh, and alternator is usually just a hair above 14V.

And I've just realized that the gas gauge is pretty
nonlinear... I'm currently showing just ever so slightly
more than 1/2 tank, with 210 miles on this tank.  I let the
gauge get pretty far down before refueling, and I promise
you that this car would *not* got 420+ miles on a tanks!
(At least, not yet... still loosening up).

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q