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RE: Oil temp in A4Q

The nonlinear gas gauge is nothing new to me. Both the 200 and our Acura
does it. Pretty annoying if you ask me, but you get used to it.

As far as the oil temperature goes, I'd really like to find out what
that 2nd hash mark really is. As mentioned before on the list, the first
mark is labelled 30, then an unlabelled mark, 130, another unlabelled
mark and then 160 (I think). The 2nd mark (no label) is probably right
around 100 celcius (212F)... I get close enough to that often enough not
to worry then.

- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com

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On Aug 1, 11:00am, Peter Henriksen wrote:
> Subject: RE: Oil temp in A4Q
> So my 200 never gets above around 70 or so celcius in normal daily
> driving. On the highway I get to just above the next mark
> (no label).
> Should I be worried that it's not running hot enough?

Depends on what the "next mark" really is, and how often
you reach it.  It's probably a good idea to get the oil
up to 100C at least once every week or two, IMO.

Here's some more info on what my A4 does:

Oil temp: gets up to 225F and sticks there; have seen it
at about 240F while working reasonably hard.  Water temp
stays dead-center on the central hash mark like it's
glued there... anyone know how this gauge is calibrated?

Oh, and alternator is usually just a hair above 14V.

And I've just realized that the gas gauge is pretty
nonlinear... I'm currently showing just ever so slightly
more than 1/2 tank, with 210 miles on this tank.  I let the
gauge get pretty far down before refueling, and I promise
you that this car would *not* got 420+ miles on a tanks!
(At least, not yet... still loosening up).

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q