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Window goes Pop on 5000.

Hi all,
Time for another donation to the AudiGods.

I was just leaving NYCity, went to press the driver's side window down button.
And POP!. Then followed by nice grinding sound with window stuck nicely in
its track. (She's a 87 5000s. Cocked sunroof. Dying CV. Possible rack leak.
Weary bomb. Did I leave anything out)

Window motor still runs. Pressing up after down will create a nice soft
grinding sound from the window mech. (regulator?) till it thinks the window
is up. (glass does not move a micron).

How much damage will this do to my wallet, er MasterCard (Visa already
filled up by donations)?

Have never ripped open the door panel, yet. Have only got Haynes manual.

I welcome any info that will help lessen the shock when I pop the door
panel open tomorrow. Weather permitting.

At least window failed in the 99% up position. Hate to have to drive 4
hours with the thing stuck open.

The Audi Gods are always kind. Even during those periodic snap crackle and
pop from the CV's. The call to worship.