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more tires

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

just my 2 pfg. ...

My favorite tires of all time...Falken 06C's   (205-60-15)

I fell in love with them at first sight when looking at my second Audi, 83
5kt, on lot.  Fat, sturdy, with big chunky treads.  They had several
circumferential grooves at least 1/4" wide and alternating cuts across
between each groove.

They were great!  I think they were a copy of some Pirelli, who knows? 
*never* hydroplaned and I drive like a fool (Audis save my life)  Great
traction in rain, snow (drive over 15" high plowings, pass salt & sand
trucks at 50 mph) and *on ice*.  This is important as here in New England
the roads are "poor traction" about 342 days of the year and the other 23
you're following an RV from arizona marvelling at "trees" and other
indigenous life.

I think perhaps they complement the suspension geometry well?

I used to get 'em from tire rack for about $60-70.  

When I got my coupe it had some ghastly good year thingies - eagle gt+4's or
something?  poor traction going sideways, poor sidewall feel, poor wet road 
(oh my god, they nearly killed me & my Audi) so I burned them up. 
Discovered I couldn't get 195-60-14 06C's for it - I think Falken changed
them to 06M, which while still a good experience didn't seem such a
wonderful wet road/snowy road tire.  It didn't emphasize the chunky tread so

These tires run smooth, and have nice stiff sidewalls.  Had some dunlops,...
they were all soft and rolly, corners almost were scary.  and they squealed.
 some Yokos, were ok but only 90% of the falkens, and some remingtons (these
were all at times tire rack was out of what I wanted) which, like the yoko's
, just felt generic - good, not inferior, but not *special* and I the reason
I drive an Audi is that it feels *special* most of the time.

right now I've got a set of bridgestone potenzas on the front ... another
90% tire.  got me through last winter, but they feel harder on the road
without giving more treadlife then Falkens.

I hope to put the 15's off a junk 5kt (and the big brakes!) before I need
tires again - soon that is!  Then I'll be looking for affordable (Cheap!
note so far these are all under $75 tires) 205-50-15's for it. Yum.

Hope my biased (chuckle) opinions are of use to someone out there...

Huw Powell

82 coupe
various planters