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Tahr Testimonial

Hey Y'all,

Ah dun seen the laht!  Praise the audi gods!  Hallelujah, brethern and cistern!

Last week I installed a set of Yoko AVS S4-V 205/60-15 tires on my '89 200TQ
(modified ~300 hp +/-).  They've been on about a week.  Yesterday evening I
made a quickie (4.25 hour) round trip of about 320 non-interstate miles
through the mountains of WV/VA.  Superb cornering.  Impeccable tracking.
Rave reviews, folks!  It felt like the car was on rails.  I'm impressed.

Last week, I also found they are excellent on wet roads.

Yes, they are all-season tires.  Oh, FWIW, I'm running them inflated to 50
psi.  Pretty firm but totally impressive handling.  

Eric, I just gotta get your suspension mods before too very long.  If your
mods make as much additional difference as these tires have already made the
handling will be "toadily awesome"!

*  Robert L. Myers         rmyers@wvit.wvnet.edu>  *
*  Rt. 1, Box 57            304-574-2372           *
*  Fayetteville, WV 25840                          *
*  Obligatory quattro and sleddog-L references:    *
*  My 3 huskies enjoy riding in my '89 200TQ       *