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Re:What one does with their German cars

I have been lurking around for a while, but I could not resist this one.

I have both 86 5ktq and 87 944Turbo. The Audi is actually faster up to 65mph,
until Porsche gets going . Audi is also much easier to live with in day to day
driving.  It will also quite readily blow away most of the so-called sportcars
and IT IS faster then all lesser models of Porsche (I used to have 924Turbo and
 944, and both were slower than Audi). Finally, when snows starts falling,
there is no other car I would rather be driving.

And one more remark:
The comments about BMW & Mercedes owners apply only in US. When I was over in 
Europe this summer, the owners of afore mentioned cars were using them in
apropriate manner: with right foot firmly planted on the floor. Although I
had to get out of the way mostly for Audis while driving 88 Mazda 626 16V.
(Mazda did only about 125 mph safely-I really missed my Quattro :-( this summer).


86 5ktq
87 944T